The Catholic Book Centre is a facility that provides a wealth of Catholic material that help people in their prayer life and faith. The bookshop is located at Africa Synod House on the ground floor. The bookshop was started in 1996 by Fr. Kyran Murphy under the National Pastoral Centre. The purpose of the bookshop was mainly that of evangelization and fundraising for the commission. The vision of evangelisation remains the same that all people may convert to God their creator through different kinds of faith inspiring commodities supplied by the bookshop.


Being a Catholic bookshop, it provides books on philosophy, theology, psychology, reflections, spiritual formation, bibles and catechism. Sacramentals such as rosaries, alter bread, wine, medals, key holders, statues of different saints and vestments are also found in the bookshop. Musical audio CDs and audio visual DVDs are available. The Catholic Book Centre serve Catholics from different dioceses while people from other denominations benefit from the facility that provides them with bibles and what they need to preach the Gospel.


The catholic Book Centre is open to individuals and groups, children and adults who want to enrich their faith and their knowledge of God.


Contact Details:

Catholic Book Centre

Africa Synod House

29-31 Selous Avenue (Cnr 4th Street)

P.O.Box CY 738, Causeway


Tel: +263-242- 705 368/9