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Enjoy the fullness of health and life

Sr. Justina Kapita

HLMC, ZCBC, National Health Coordinator

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Sr. Justina Kapita


 ZCBC envisages that all people may enjoy the fullness of health and life that healing reflects the redemptive work of  Jesus Christ that we may become greater co-workers in the Ministry of healing.

ZCBC strives to provide holistic healing services to all, so that they may have life to its fullness


We participate, with full commitment, in this Ministry of healing through love and service provided in our health institutions and Ministries by:

  1. Providing affordable quality and accessible Health Care to all, especially vulnerable groups, that uphold their dignity.
    • Providing pastoral care that meets the spiritual, physical, social and emotional needs of the person as a whole.
    • Coordinating and collaborating with the MOHCW and other health service providers.
  2. Why we need the Health Commission:
    • Identify the role of the Church in the Health system in Zimbabwe.
    • Deliberate on the kind of response the current environment requires from the Church.
    • Assess the Church’s strengths and weaknesses within the current health situation.
    • Assess the church’s response and impact on society.
    • Gather and share information; share experiences of other Commissions within the Catholic
    • Church structures
    • Mobilize resources.
    • Develop national-level health policies.
    • Advocate with ZACH for MOU with the Government to include specifics on management structure
    • Link to/with other commissions
    • Map different Diocesan health management structures, and work with Dioceses to improve (taking executive and communication/coordination functions into account)
    • Develop and implement a national health policy and for the churches
    • Standardize the terms of reference and roles and responsibilities within the Health Commission

    Negotiate for a contract between Church and State (clarify what government can and can’t make hospital do)

Health commission 0n 18/02/2022.during the training of priests, religious brothers and sisters on effects of covid 19 on mental health in Chinhoyi Diocese. The training took place at Chinhoyi pastoral Centre.

ZCBC national staff, diocesan coordinator and a consultant were the facilitating team. The trainings were supported by CAFOD