Safeguarding Office

Sr. Theresa Nyadombo

National Safeguarding Coordinator



  • To promote, facilitate and deliver best practices in the prevention of harm to children and vulnerable adults across all the Catholic dioceses in Zimbabwe and the wider church community.
  • To facilitate the receiving and dealing of allegations of abuse.
  • To develop best practice frameworks, policies and procedures for Child Safeguarding in our Catholic Church in Zimbabwe.
  • To take the lead in developing preventative practices in ensuring that all Catholic institutions in Zimbabwe are safe places for everyone.
  • To establish reporting mechanisms in all the dioceses in order to handle allegations of abuse and assist victims/ survivors to recuperate different traumas etc.
  • To network with State and None-Governmental Organisations which deal with issues of child safeguarding in order to learn from others and share ideas.
  • To work as a consultancy in the Catholic Church in Zimbabwe in giving advise on how to handle cases of child abuse and on policy development and implementation.
The Papal Nuncio to Zimbabwe, Archbishop Paolo Rudelli together with Archbishop Robert Ndlovu
Archbishop Robert Ndlovu officially opening the launch of the Child Safeguarding Policy for the Archdiocese of Harare.
Children showcase the Child Safeguarding Policy document which serves to uphold the protection of children within the Archdiocese of Harare.